The Story Of Icarus Elck

The following entry is a description of creation of the image The Adventures of Icarus Elck. In a later entry I will describe the ideas behind this image.

I made over 30 mixed media prints and have been donating all of the sales to the Friends of the School of Art and Design and the Paul Hartley Scholarship Fund.

Tornadoes have consistently appeared in my work since a dream on March 29, 1989. For many years the dreams were epic in their quality, and often bordered on lucid. In many of these dreams I ran from the tornadoes, as did the characters in my paintings and drawings.

The Adventures of Icarus Elck began when I was working on this drawing.

My intention was to eventually have this image

wandering through a poppy field in the foreground. At that time, I was not happy with the intestine like tornado in the original drawing, nor with the beginnings of the poppy field. So, I scanned the drawing into the computer and edited out the intestinal tornado.

I looked for poppy field references and settled on the most obvious

I edited out the characters and

desaturated and flipped image.

I introduced the man, and decided to add a few flowers.

Here are some early test prints.

I got carried away with layers and the digital drawing process.

I added more flowers.

I tried to build scale model for reference.

I added even more flowers.

I start every image by saying “This time I will not get obsessed with minutia.”

This was the digital image as of September 14, 2011

A shot of some of the different versions after the first print sessions.

A weird one that I like.

More printing.

My studio Friday, October 7. Paintings due today.

The 30 best ready to be hung.


To see the further development of this image and idea, see this blog post


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